Attempting to connect with the natural world, while reconciling our modern way of life.

A search for peace, understanding, and quietude amidst the confusion.

  • The Other Pandemic

    May 23, 2020 by

    When I heard that Joe Rogan interviewed farmer/ philosopher Joel Salatin on #1478 Joe Rogan Experience podcast, I had to listen. I’m not a fan of Joe Rogan per se, but Joel Salatin is a farmer I look to for inspiration and understanding. I’ve come to trust his perspective on all things socio-eco-agro-political. You could… Read more

  • Winter Breaks

    May 23, 2020 by

    I came across a structure deep in the woods today. It was built of large branches leaned on an old fallen tree. It made a kind of cave around the roots. The bits of trash and cigarette butts inside let me know people had been using it for shelter. Also the amount of animal hair… Read more

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