Winter Breaks

I came across a structure deep in the woods today. It was built of large branches leaned on an old fallen tree. It made a kind of cave around the roots. The bits of trash and cigarette butts inside let me know people had been using it for shelter. Also the amount of animal hair inside let me know animals had been using it too. The patina on the structure let me know that this had been here a few decades.

The equal opportunity wildlife and human use gets me curious. The intersection point where people start to really blend back into the natural world comes to life with finds such as these. As humans, our way of living has changed so much since our most basic beginning. It is easy to forget our story, and take the relative ease of our modern life for granted.

This current Coronavirus crisis somehow puts us back in touch with Mother Nature. It reminds us that we are still subject to her moods. We’re currently living in a heightened state of awareness, similar to that of wildlife when they feel the change of season towards winter. Some of us, myself included, are exhibiting the hoarding instinct of squirrels.

But if this comparison is worth anything it’s this: winter eventually breaks, seasons change. Spring eventually comes and replaces our winter anxieties with warm sun shining on our faces.

We will get through this pandemic as we have gotten through other hardships in our rough and tumble history. We’re not used to feeling so close to our natural selves, so close to our origin story. I get it. We’ve allowed ourselves to be lulled by this modern life of distraction and entertainment. It’s ok.

Virus outbreaks are real things though. The hardships they bring will become more and more real to us in the coming weeks. But in reflective moments like these, we can reach out and touch our own true nature. We can own that there is an instinct in us to survive that is stronger than any other we possess. It’s quite a beautiful thing really. Peace and good health to you and yours. 

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